DOD Finalizing Investigation into Afghanistan Hospital Attack

Doctors Without Borders provided a copy of its report to the Defense Department in advance of Thursday’s release, and Gen. John Campbell, commander of Operation Resolute Support, met with MSF staff in Kabul to review the findings, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said. The report has been passed along to the department’s own investigators, who are still working to finalize an initial casualty assessment report and an overall investigation into the cause of the attack. “We continue to work closely with MSF in identifying the victims, both those killed and wounded, so that we can conclude our investigations and proceed with follow-on actions to include condolence payments,” Davis said. Davis would not provide a timeline for the release of the Defense Department investigations, saying investigators are more concerned with the thoroughness of the investigation. The investigators need to identify those killed to “fully understand” the extent of the incident, he said.