DLA Releases New Strategic Plan

The Defense Logistics Agency released a new strategic plan for 2015 through 2022, which outlines five areas that support the agency’s mission. They are: warfighter first, people and culture, strategic engagement, financial stewardship, and process excellence, according to a May 7 DLA release. The new plan “provides our roadmap to ensure that we, the DLA team, continuously evolve and improve together to meet our mission requirements with a single resolve,” wrote DLA Director Lt. Gen. Andy Busch in a call to action at the end of the 20-page document. “It is our plan to meet the future with the commitment and capabilities that we need to provide the responsive, agile, and innovative support that our customers and stakeholders need and deserve.” According to the strategy, DLA hopes to reduce back orders and wait times, improve its ability to meet urgent need requests, and lower acquisition life-cycle costs. In addition, the DLA director will release annual guidance “to help leaders implement” the plan, states the release.