DARPA’s Tomorrow Land

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency sees both threats and opportunities to US security in the rapid pace of global technological development, according to its biennial vision report, released March 26. “The world is experiencing some deeply disturbing technical, economic, and geopolitical shifts that pose potential threats to US preeminence and stability,” DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar said in a release. Recent advances also can “ensure ongoing US military superiority” if they can be “wisely and purposefully harnessed,” she added. To this end, DARPA is focusing its research on four key areas: developing more modular, upgradable systems; making vast data sets quickly and easily useable; exploiting bio and neuro-technology; and pushing the bounds of chemistry, physics, and mathematics to retain the US’ technological edge, according to the release. (Read the full report; Caution, large-sized file.)