Final F-22s Get Ready to Take Off from Tyndall as Base Continues Recovery from Catastrophic Hurricane

The final F-22s at Tyndall AFB, Fla., once feared to be catastrophically damaged from Hurricane Michael, are flyable and will take off for more in-depth maintenance within “days,” the commander of the 325th Fighter Wing said. Air Force Magazine visited the base this week, and saw three of the jets on the base’s flight line and in damaged hangars Wednesday. Tyndall continues to recover from the storm and is slowly returning to life, but the destruction is everywhere. About 1,300 airmen are living in tents as they assess damage and work to return services as the base plans to return to limited operations by the end of the year. Read the full story by Brian Everstine.

US, South Korea to Make Decision Soon on Future Exercises

The US and South Korea will make a decision by Dec. 1 on whether to continue with major joint exercises next year, South Korean Minister of National Defense Jeong Kyeong-doo said through a translator following a meeting with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis at the Pentagon on Wednesday. The announcement comes after the cancellation of several high-profile military exercises, including most recently Exercise Vigilant Ace. The last large-scale military exercise between the US and South Korea was Exercise Key Resolve in April, added Jeong. “It’s not like we’ve shut down all the collaborative exercises that we have going on,” said Mattis after the meeting. “So we are not right now concerned with a loss of combat capability.” Read the full story by Amy McCullough.

RAND: South Korea Should Pursue Peaceful Reunification Path to Avoid WMD Devastation

South Korea should leave armed conflict out of its strategy to reunify the Korean peninsula to avoid triggering potentially devastating weapons of mass destruction use by North Korea, according to a new RAND Corp. report. Ideally, the report says, South Korea should press pause on reunification efforts until after North Korea’s political regime falls apart. In the meantime, South Korea should start crafting policies that’s guarantee the majority “of the North Korean elite” better lives in a unified Korea “to ensure their cooperation in the unification process,” according a RAND press release. The report also advises the US and South Korea to “actively counter” pro-Kim Jong-un propaganda that paints him as “a benevolent peacemaker and a god-like leader” so that he doesn’t wind up in control of the unification process. The Oct. 31 report lays out and analyzes nine possible roads to unifying the peninsula, identifies potential obstacles to reunification and how to counter them, and recommends how the US and South Korea could “set the conditions for stable unification, should the opportunity arise.” —Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory

Military Intelligence Gets Big Boost With Return to Great Power Competition

The Defense Department is spending billions more on classified intelligence programs, with the most recent numbers representing the biggest spike in years. In Fiscal 2018, Congress appropriated $22.1 billion for military intelligence—that’s a $3.7 billion increase from Fiscal 2017 appropriated funds and $1.4 billion more than what was originally requested in Fiscal 2018. The ramp up in classified funding comes amid a return to “great power competition,” as outlined in the most recent National Security Strategy. Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford told military reporters last week that, “Our competitive advantage has eroded over time, and that needs to be dealt with.” Read the full story by Amy McCullough.


Head of US Army Rapid Capabilities Office to Take Top Civilian Job on the F-35 Program

Six months into the job, the head of the US Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office is leaving to join the F-35 Joint Program Office as its top civilian. Defense News

US Accuses Chinese Spies of Campaign to Steal Jet Engine Tech

The US unveiled charges against two alleged Chinese spies for orchestrating a conspiracy to steal prized jet engine technology from private companies, as the Trump administration raises pressure on Beijing to address its trade grievances. Bloomberg

Families Plan To Sue After Finding Mold In Homes At Tinker AFB

Families at Tinker Air Force Base say they are living with toxic mold and water problems on base. Five families have hired a Norman attorney who expects to file a lawsuit next month.

Boeing Defense Grows Revenue Despite Another KC-46A Delay and Higher Costs

Boeing Defense, Space & Security’s third quarter revenue grew 13.5 percent to $5.7 billion year-over-year, despite its KC-46A Pegasus tanker programme struggling with another delay and higher costs. Flight Global

Mattis and Pompeo Call for Yemen Ceasefire ‘Within 30 Days’

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on all participants in the Yemen civil war to agree to a ceasefire “in the next 30 days,” a call that comes amid criticism of US support for the Saudi-led coalition in the conflict. CNN

Lockheed Martin Not counting Cost of Lost Contracts

Lockheed Martin says it would have lost more than $5 billion if it matched the winning bidder’s price on three recent defence contracts. Flight Global

Air Force Cryptologic Office Evolves ISR Training For Today’s Tech Savvy Airmen

The Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Airmen in today’s Air Force are much more technologically savvy than their predecessors, and the Air Force Cryptologic Office at Twenty-Fifth Air Force is revolutionizing the way modern Airmen learn to win the fight. JBSA News

First Husband-and-Wife Duo to Fly B-2 Stealth Bombers Retire After Making History

The B-2 stealth bomber is able to fly into enemy territory undetected, making it one of the most feared aircraft in the world. Lt Col. Jennifer Avery was the first woman to fly it. CBS News

Taiwan Pledges Better IP Protection of US Arms Tech

Taiwan has sent a delegation to the US to attend an annual defense cooperation forum between the two militaries and the official leading the delegation, Deputy Defense Minister Chang Guan-chung, has promised that he will not return empty-handed. Air Force Times

Pentagon Doesn’t Want Real Artificial Intelligence In War, Former Official Says

No one at the Defense Department wants weapons that make their own decisions, said former Deputy Secretary Bob Work. Next Gov

General Harassed Subordinates and Didn’t Report Suicide Attempts, IG Report Says

An Air Force brigadier general harassed subordinates, didn’t report suicide attempts, and misused government equipment on multiple occasions, according to an Inspector General report released this week. Stripes

CAF RED TAIL Squadron Publishes Complete Online Tuskegee Airman Pilot Roster

The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) Red Tail Squadron, America’s tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen, announced today that they have published the first-ever complete, up-to-date and searchable Tuskegee Airmen Pilot Roster available to the public online. The database contains details of the 1,007 pilots to receive their wings through the Tuskegee Airmen program. Search the Pilot Roster on the CAF Red Tail Squadron website at Commemorative Air Force

Phoenix-based Honeywell Aerospace Reels in $1B Air Force Contract

Phoenix-based Honeywell Aerospace has been awarded a $1 billion-plus contract from the US Air Force to work on support for several power systems.

Interesting Image Shows Saudi F-15S Strike Eagle With DB-110 Tactical Reconnaissance Pod Taking Off For OIR Mission

The Royal Saudi Air Force F-15S aircraft have used the tactical recon pod for missions over Yemen and Syria. The Aviationist