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New KC-46 Deficiency Revealed as Contract Is Signed for 15 More Tankers

The Air Force awarded Boeing a $2.2 billion contract for 15 KC-46 tankers, the ninth lot of the aerial refuelers, just days after the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center acknowledged a previously undisclosed deficiency with the aircraft. The latest purchase order is roughly the same as the Lot 8 order from Aug. 31, 2022. The number of aircraft is the same, but the cost slightly increased. Work on the 15 jet aircraft is expected to be completed in 2026.

Pentagon Distances Itself from Minihan Memo Suggesting Possible War with China in 2025

Comments by Air Force Gen. Mike Minihan, the head of Air Mobility Command, about a potential war with China in the next few years have generated international headlines and led the Department of Defense to formally distance itself from the remarks. Minihan, who is known for his energetic, passionate style, prepared a memo saying that Airmen under his command at AMC should prepare to be at war with China within two years. 
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Report: Despite Losses in Ukraine, Russia Remains a Threat in the Arctic

American and Western officials have grown increasingly concerned about Arctic security and Russia’s threat to the region, and even as Russia’s military has been degraded by its losses in Ukraine, its Arctic forces remain strong, according to a new report from the Center for Strategic Studies (CSIS). Russia has faced heavy attrition of its ground forces in Ukraine, forcing Moscow to order conscription of hundreds of thousands of new soldiers, but “the toll from the Ukraine war is not necessarily reflected in the other service branches in the Russian Arctic,” according to the CSIS report. 
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Gebara Tapped for Promotion; as 3-Star, Will Lead Nuclear Deterrence

The head of the Air Force’s bomber fleet has been tapped for a promotion to join the Air Staff and lead the service’s strategic deterrence efforts, the Pentagon announced Jan. 27. If confirmed by the Senate, Maj. Gen. Andrew J. Gebara will pin on a third star and serve as deputy chief of staff of strategic deterrence and nuclear integration. He will succeed Lt. Gen. James C. Dawkins Jr. 

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Nuclear Strike Chief Seeks Cancer Review of Missile Crews

The Associated Press

The top Air Force general in charge of the nation’s air- and ground-launched nuclear missiles has requested an official investigation into the number of airmen who are reporting blood cancer diagnoses after serving at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. The illnesses became publicly known this week after The Associated Press obtained a military brief that at least nine missileers—those officers serving in underground bunkers near silo-based Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles and responsible for turning launch keys if ordered—were reporting diagnoses of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. One of the officers has died.

VIDEO: Air Force Using Augmented Reality to Train Fighter Pilots

NBC News

Red 6, an augmented reality company, is working with the Air Force to train fighter pilots, a historically costly and dangerous task. NBC News’ Dasha Burns took to the skies to see how pilots are flying while using helmet devices to project combat scenarios and how it can keep more Airmen safe.

At the Pentagon, Push to Send F-16s to Ukraine Picks Up Steam


A contingent of military officials is quietly pushing the Pentagon to approve sending F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine to help the country defend itself from Russian missile and drone attacks, according to three people with knowledge of the discussions. Ukraine has kept American-made F-16s on its weapons wish list since the Russian invasion last year. But Washington and Kyiv have viewed artillery, armor and ground-based air defense systems as more urgent needs as Ukraine seeks to protect civilian infrastructure and claw back ground occupied by Russian forces.

L3Harris ‘Optimistic’ Aerojet Rocketdyne Acquisition Will Close in 2023


Christopher Kubasik, CEO of L3Harris Technologies, said Jan. 27 regulators continue to review the company’s proposed $4.7 billion acquisition of Aerojet Rocketdyne and expects the merger to close in 2023. L3Harris, headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., is a global defense and aerospace firm with more than $17 billion in annual revenue. In December it announced an agreement to buy Aerojet Rocketdyne, a Sacramento, California-based manufacturer of rocket engines and propulsion systems for space vehicles, ballistic missiles and military tactical weapons.

CBS News Investigation Spurs Action by Air Force to Combat Domestic Violence

CBS News

An inspector general review ordered by the Secretary of the Air Force following a CBS News investigation by Norah O'Donnell has found the Air Force must do more to establish trust with domestic violence victims in the early stages of reporting and investigations. Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall ordered the review after a September 2021 CBS News investigation into domestic violence in the military included the stories of survivors who reported abuse to the Air Force.

Air Force Aggressors More Relevant Than Ever At 50

The War Zone

“I would say we are more valid now than ever before. With the Secretary of the Air Force and Secretary of Defense saying their focus is China, China, China, that’s what we are here for. We are here to embody and replicate our enemies to the best of our ability,“ says Lt. Col. Christopher “Vön“ Finkenstadt, F-16 pilot, and commander of the U.S. Air Force’s 64th Aggressor Squadron (AGRS), at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. Finkenstadt cites the message from his boss, Maj. General Case Cunningham, commander of the USAF Warfare Center, regarding “the pacing challenge of China,“ and the USAF aggressors’ mandate to accurately replicate that threat.

PODCAST: Innovating and Building Next Gen CCA

Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

In episode 113 of the Aerospace Advantage podcast, John “Slick” Baum chats with Robert “Otis” Winkler from KRATOS Defense about what it’s like to design, develop, and field a next generation UAV, what the Air Force now calls Collaborative Combat Aircraft (CCA). Uninhabited aircraft have been a fixture in the U.S. airpower arsenal for over two decades. However, evolving operational demand, paired with new technologies, is rapidly changing the scale and scope of these aircraft. This episode explores this topic through an industry lens.

Marines Reactivate Guam Base to Boost Pacific Footprint

Defense One

The Marine Corps has formally opened its first new base in 70 years: Guam’s Camp Blaz, which is to become a “strategic hub” as the U.S. military expands its Pacific operations. “Forward, persistent presence is key to the regional security and stability in the Indo-Pacific. Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz is a critical part of that,” Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger said at the ceremony.

How to Fix a Howitzer: US Offers Help Line to Ukraine Troops

The Associated Press

On the front lines in Ukraine, a soldier was having trouble firing his 155 mm howitzer gun. So, he turned to a team of Americans on the other end of his phone line for help. “What do I do?” he asked the U.S. military team member, far away at a base in southeastern Poland. “What are my options?” Using phones and tablets to communicate in encrypted chatrooms, a rapidly growing group of U.S. and allied troops and contractors is providing real-time maintenance advice—usually speaking through interpreters—to Ukrainian troops on the battlefield.

DOD to Assess Department-Wide Guidance on ‘Contested Information Environment’ Training

Breaking Defense

The Pentagon plans to develop department-wide guidance on what content it should include in its training and education efforts for decision-making in a “contested information environment,” following recommendations made by the Government Accountability Office. The information environment, which a new GAO report defines as “the aggregate of factors that affect how humans and automated systems derive meaning from, act upon, and are impacted by information,” isn’t limited by geographic boundaries, posing a risk for the U.S. where adversaries, like Russia or China, can attack.

‘A Total Shock’: Parents Mourn Sudden Death of Their Air Force Academy Son


Candyce and Dustin Brown last spoke to their son Hunter by phone on Sunday, Jan. 8, discussing the class schedule for his upcoming sophomore year at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. Hunter was in good spirits. He was taking it easy in his dorm with his roommate as he continued to recover from foot surgery he'd undergone two months earlier, aimed at fixing a torn ligament suffered during football practice at the service academy. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary or unusual. But the following day as he was heading to class, Hunter experienced a medical emergency and died. He was 21 years old.

L3Harris Delivers Experimental Navigation Satellite

Defense News

L3Harris delivered the experimental Navigation Technology Satellite-3 to the Air Force Research Laboratory for its final phase of integration and testing, keeping the program on track for a late 2023 launch. AFRL announced the delivery Jan. 26, which brings the lab closer to conducting the first U.S. positioning, navigation, and timing experiment in almost a half century.

One More Thing

What Would It Look Like If ‘The Muppets’ Went to War? Now We Know

Military Times

Artificial intelligence can be used to do some pretty terrible things. From identity theft to deep fakes, there’s seemingly no limit to the havoc AI can create. However, rendering “The Muppets” as soldiers in America’s famous wars has proven a particularly redeeming endeavor for an AI art generator.