Marooned Air Force CV-22 Osprey Finally Removed From Norwegian Island

An aircraft built to quickly infiltrate and exfiltrate troops from far-flung locations left a Norwegian nature preserve Sept. 27., more than a month after it emergency-landed. The CV-22 Osprey belonging to Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) had been stranded on the island of Senja since making a controlled emergency landing in August.
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The Story Behind the Space Force’s New Song

Jamie Teachenor was living in Nashville in 2015 and browsing Craigslist for vintage guitars when he spotted the unlikely ad that led to his occupying a unique place in military history. Together with a Coast Guard trombonist who doubles as musical arranger, Teachenor composed "Semper Supra"—named for the service's popular motto—to join the likes of the Air Force’s “U.S. Air Force,” a.k.a. “Wild Blue Yonder.”
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Air Force Recruits Who Test Positive for Marijuana May Now Get a Second Chance

Potential Airmen and Guardians who test positive for the high-producing compound in marijuana during their entrance physical may still be able to serve, thanks to a new pilot program announced by the Department of the Air Force. Under the two-year program, recruits who test positive for tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, during their physical exam at the Military Entrance Processing Station will be allowed to re-test in 90 days if they receive a waiver from their recruiter.

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Air Force Leaders Urge More Focus on Mental Health as Suicides Rise

Air Force Times

Senior Air Force officials pledged to improve Airmen’s access to mental health care and urged commanders to play a more active role in supporting their troops, suggesting that suicides are again on the rise. Secretary Frank Kendall, the service’s top civilian, and Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass, its senior enlisted leader, encouraged Airmen and Space Force Guardians to seek out wider support systems in a question-and-answer session on Facebook.

Spy Satellite Agency NRO Awards RF Geolocation Study Contracts to 6 Companies

Breaking Defense

The National Reconnaissance Office has kicked off a pilot program to collect data from satellites that track emitters of radio frequency signals—a long-awaited extension of the spy sat agency’s commercial data gathering portfolio. NRO announced that Aurora Insight, HawkEye 360, Kleos Space, PredaSAR, Spire Global, and Umbra Lab won awards under NRO’s Strategic Commercial Enhancement’s Broad Agency Announcement Framework.

Air Force’s New ‘Purple Book’ Challenges Airmen to Think Bigger

Air Force Times

The Air Force’s top enlisted leader recently rolled out the service’s first “Purple Book,” a primer on the joint force for rank-and-file Airmen. The 39-page booklet introduces Airmen to high-level policy such as the National Defense Strategy and describes the Air Force’s place in the bigger military picture. It’s one piece in a slew of changes aimed at better educating enlisted Airmen and holding them to higher standards of performance.

Next Space Force ‘Responsive Launch’ Experiment Aims to Loft Satellite in a Hurry

Breaking Defense

The Space Force’s next “tactically responsive space” experiment will feature an attempt to launch a satellite within 24 hours of receiving the “go” order, said Lt. Gen. Michael A. Guetlein, head of Space Systems Command, in what would be a drastic reduction in turnaround time. “What we have challenged that team to do … is to rapidly respond to a real threat with an operational capability using operational crews on operationally relevant timelines,” Guetlein said.

Lamborn: ‘Merit on Both Sides’ of Debate Over Space National Guard


Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), a key congressional proponent of establishing a Space National Guard, said he would consider an alternative proposal endorsed by Space Force leaders and by the Biden administration. Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall and Space Force Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond support creating a hybrid Active-Reserve component that provides full-time and part-time service options.

Operational Test Airman Builds Radar Range, Sets Standard for Air Force Innovation

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In Air Force Doctrine Publication 1, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. wrote that “Victory goes to the rapid integrator of ideas.” These ideas derive from Airmen whose innovation and problem-solving skills address the complex challenges that come with a rapidly evolving global environment. One of these rapid integrators is Tech. Sgt. Kevin Flanagan, an operational test imagery analyst at the 410th Test and Evaluation Squadron who built an entire range of radar targets used to test the accuracy of U-2 and RQ-4 Global Hawk sensors.

Royal New Zealand Air Force, USAF Conduct Advanced Tactics Training

The Defense Post

The Royal New Zealand Air Force has teamed with the U.S. Air Force for a month of advanced tactics training in Missouri and Arizona. The RNZAF No. 40 Squadron deployed to the Advanced Airlift Tactical Training Center “to develop the crew’s proficiency to conduct tactical missions in austere environments.”

Kendall: Power Competition in Space Becoming More Destabilizing


The United States wants space to be a peaceful domain for scientific and commercial pursuits, said Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall. But preventing a conflict over space assets is going to become increasingly difficult, he said, due to the strategic value of satellites and the proliferation of technologies that can be used to destroy them. 

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Why This US Military Command’s Mascot Is a Winged Seahorse Named ’Spunky’

Task & Purpose

War is a serious business, and so is the art of moving troops, weapons, ammunition, and equipment to where the battles are fought. For the U.S. military, that task falls to U.S. Transportation Command. One of the military’s 11 unified combatant commands, it oversees a worldwide armada of aircraft, ships, trucks, and trains that are in constant motion ferrying people and equipment to where the U.S. and its allies need them. TRANSCOM has a serious job, which is why the command’s mascot may surprise you: It’s a winged seahorse named ‘Spunky.’ And as happy-go-lucky as that may sound, the image symbolizes different aspects of the command’s important mission.