Cyber Joins Basic Military Training

Cyber training is now a permanent fixture of the Air Force’s basic military training curriculum with the launch of a four-hour course earlier this month at Lackland AFB, Tex., home to BMT. The course takes place during the fourth week of BMT. It teaches trainees basic operating fundamentals on the Air Force network and the significance of protecting the network. “The primary advantage of providing cyber training in BMT is to ensure every airman has a common baseline of behavioral and performance expectations, and an accurate understanding of their mission impact as a network user, regardless of their specific Air Force specialty,” said CMSgt. Kevin Slater, 24th Air Force command chief. The numbered air force oversees USAF’s cyber operations. Once new computers are installed, trainees will receive an additional three-hour, practical-application segment during BMT’s seventh week. (Lackland report by Mike Joseph) (For more on cyber training, read Building Better Cyberwarriors from Air Force Magazine’s September issue.)