Crying Foul

Boeing’s not happy with rival EADS’ efforts to secure a deadline extension for submitting KC-X tanker bids. In a statement issued Thursday, Boeing officials said they’re “deeply disappointed” that EADS, parent of aircraft maker Airbus, is attempting “to further delay” the KC-X program in order to “tilt the US procurement process in its favor.” They said they “do not see a legitimate reason” for EADS’ request. “We believe an extension that favors any individual competitor does not further the goal of ensuring fair competition,” they stated. The Pentagon announced Wednesday its readiness to extend the current May 10 proposal deadline by 60 days to July 9 if EADS formally indicates its intent to bid. EADS officials are mulling the offer; they requested a 90-day reprieve. Boeing said it “remains fully prepared” to submit its bid by May 10, but is reviewing all of its options for going forward.