Court Rules Against CAF Over P-82

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has sided with the Air Force over the ownership of a P-82 fighter the Commemorative Air Force had received via “donation certificate” from USAF in 1966 and restored to flight condition. The aircraft crashed in 1987, and CAF was working an aircraft exchange—the damaged P-82 for a refurbished P-38 and P-38 wreckage—with NPA Holdings, when the museum opted to retain ownership title, as per the donation terms. CAF claimed that a 1968 transfer certificate provided by USAF gave CAF authority to establish title to the aircraft, but a lower court disagreed, ordering CAF in July to return the aircraft to USAF, and CAF appealed. In a Nov. 11 statement, CAF President Stephan Brown said CAF members were “disheartened by the decision,” but the aircraft has been returned to the National Museum of the US Air Force. (Appeals Court ruling)