Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Defense Department on Monday released a new strategy for countering weapons on mass destruction. The 32-page document, which rescinds and replaces the 2006 WMD strategy, “emphasizes early action through pathway defeat, shaping the environment to dissuade actors from pursuing WMD, and cooperating with partners to achieve countering WMD goals,” wrote Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in the foreword. It also “specifies desired end states, prescribes priority objectives, delineates a strategic approach for achieving those objectives, and outlines the countering WMD activities and tasks necessary for success.” Specifically, the document outlines three end states: “no new WMD possession, no WMD use, and minimization of WMD effects.” (WMD strategy; Caution, large-sized file.) (Strategy fact sheet.) (DOD release.)