Contractors Congratulate USMC

Lockheed Martin, builder of the F-35B, said its newly declared operational status with the Marine Corps “represents a quantum leap in air dominance capability.” Aside from being the first operational supersonic, stealthy STOVL jet, the F-35B has “the most powerful and comprehensive integrated sensor package of any fighter aircraft in history, to provide unprecedented lethality and survivability,” and has “ushered in a new era in military aviation.” Engine maker Pratt & Whitney said the on-time IOC declaration is due to “the unyielding commitment and leadership of the marines.” The ability of the F-35B to operate from practically any location represents a “revolutionary capability” for the service, and Pratt said it will continue to work with the marines to prove the “indispensability” of the F-35B “to our nation’s? and allies’ security.”