Contingency Thinking

Airfield support experts from across the Air Force developed a method for standardizing expeditionary airfield operations in austere locations during a recent powwow at Air Mobility Command headquarters at Scott AFB, Ill. They used the processes developed under the Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century efficiency initiative as guidance. “While we still have a ways to go, this was a pioneering first step,” said Col. Tim Grosz, AMC’s assistant director of operations. The Air Force deploys contingency response groups to establish forward operating airbases rapidly anywhere on the globe. Yet some CRG members require additional skills for dealing with scenarios like counterinsurgency. But “policy and direction on how to do that hasn’t been determined yet,” said Lt. Col. Todd Miller, Air Force Special Operations Command’s liaison to AMC. The standardization will help in that regard. (Scott report by Bekah Clark)