Construction Woes at Afghan Air Force University

Though the Afghan Air Force University’s renovations and new construction was generally completed appropriately, an investigation found some shoddy workmanship, improper maintenance, and other problems, according to a report by the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction. The contractor failed to install required plumbing insulation and metal strips on stair landings in one building, and used lower-grade, lower-cost door handles, locks, and sink faucets, saving the contractor $80,000 in violation of the contract, according to the report. Additionally, some buildings are not being used because of problems like plumbing leaks and broken ceiling fans, though many of the building problems can be “mostly attributed to inadequate maintenance by the Afghan government,” the report states. SIGAR is recommending the Army Corps of Engineers try to recoup about $65,500 from the contractors, have the contractor correct the poor workmanship and other non-compliance issues, make sure the government isn’t paying for anything that should be covered by the contract’s warranty, and determine why the inspection process was not fully conducted or documented.