Commando Sling Travels Down Under

The long-running bilateral exercise Commando Sling will move to Australia later this month, becoming a multilateral event between the US, the Singaporeans, and the Royal Australian Air Force, Pacific Air Forces spokesman Capt. Ray Geoffroy told Air Force Magazine. Singapore has hosted Commando Sling multiple times a year since 1990. The Australian Pitch Black exercise will run until Aug. 22, and Commando Sling will run from Aug. 25-Sept. 12, Geoffroy said. “Our intention is to hold one multilateral Commando Sling,” he said, adding there have been several iterations of the exercise that included the Australians. However, this will be the first time that Australia will host the exercise, Geoffroy said, noting that PACAF believes the inclusion of the RAAF will “further enhance military interoperability between the US, Singapore, and Australia.” PACAF officials have made no secret of their desire to expand multilateral exercise and training opportunities in the theater, such as the expansion of Cope North on Guam, Red Flag Alaska, and other activities.