Coming Together in CE

At several Air Force bases, active duty and Air Force Reserve Command civil engineering squadrons plan to join forces to work as consolidated units in a new test of Total Force Integration. The test sites are Barksdale AFB, La., Hickam AFB, Hawaii, and Travis AFB, Calif. “The integration will not change the mission of either squadron,” said Maj. Charles Chapman III, commander of AFRC’s 917th Civil Engineering Squadron at Barksdale. In his view, it “will enhance the cohesion.” And, Col. Kevin Wolfe, AFRC’s 917th Mission Support Group commander, agrees, noting that in the past the Reserve CE had been borrowing equipment from the active duty 2nd CES to conduct monthly training. He said, “The emphasis here is not only for us to borrow their equipment but to train together with them on that equipment.” This is not the first TFI at Barksdale; in 2003 explosive ordnance disposal units joined forces. Wolfe said he expects to have a memorandum of understanding for this current effort “in place by May” that will indicate what each unit will do and “what the two of us are bringing to the fight.” (Barksdale reportby TSgt. R.J. Horstman)