Cody Thanks Deployed Airmen

During an all-call meeting with airmen at al Udeid AB, Qatar, CMSAF James Cody thanked deployed airmen for their service and sacrifices. “The airmen deployed are making a difference on a daily basis. You and your families have made sacrifices during the last 12 years,” said Cody during the April 17 meeting. “Don’t be afraid to say you need help, because we have the resources to support your needs,” he added. He also addressed concerns about force-management programs. “I would encourage airmen to stay informed of all the voluntary programs available and have a plan for the future. Our goal is to have as many airmen as possible choose the voluntary programs before we have to go to the involuntary measures,” he said. Cody spent April 12-18 touring Southwest Asia, with stops throughout Afghanistan, including Bagram Airfield, Kandahar Airfield, and Mazar-e-Sharif, to answer questions and address airmen’s concerns. “To watch you all do your job … is a pretty amazing thing and something you should be extremely proud of,” he said. (Bagram report by Capt. Brian Wagner)