Coalition, Iraqi Forces Push Back ISIS Offensives

The US-led coalition and Iraqi forces recently fought back two major ISIS offensives in Iraq. ISIS troops on Dec. 15 were able to retake the Palestine bridge in Ramadi, a major landmark in a key city where Iraq has been preparing for a large-scale onslaught for months. During the offensive, coalition airstrikes conducted by five nations, including the US, were able to take out an ISIS vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and buy Iraqi troops enough time to retake the bridge and push ISIS back. However, the offensive showed ISIS has the capability to “muster an offensive,” coalition spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters on Friday. Also on Dec. 15, ISIS forces made major attacks near the Iraqi city of Mosul and were able to retake ground until coalition aircraft dropped about 100 precision munitions on ISIS equipment and fighters to allow Peshmerga forces to push the group back. (Warren transcript.)