Chipping Away

The Air Force has announced a new set of involuntary force management initiatives for Fiscal 2011 to help reduce the service’s end strength to Congressionally authorized levels by the end of Fiscal 2012 and shape the force to meet emerging mission demands. These measures build upon voluntary programs announced in December; they mostly impact officers. Retention is at the highest level in 16 years. Despite implementing a tailored, multi-year program last year, the Air Force ended Fiscal 2010 approximately 2,300 officers over its end strength. “Without additional measures, we could grow to 7,000 over our authorized end strength by the end of Fiscal Year 2012,” said Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz. Among the initiatives, service officials plan force-shaping boards for junior officers beginning in May. They will also conduct a reduction-in-force board in September for mid-grade officers. (SAF/PA release)