Chilton’s No. 1

The head of US Strategic Command, Air Force Gen. Kevin Chilton, has declared that nuclear deterrence is his command’s No. 1 priority, despite the importance of STRATCOM’s other “main lines of operations”: space operations and cyberspace operations. Following recent nuclear enterprise missteps, Chilton said he believes the services are “taking all necessary measures to correct the accountability and day-to-day management issues.” However, within STRATCOM, he has created a new one-star position, the deputy director for nuclear operations, and also established a Nuclear Enterprise Council and Board with general officer-level oversight. He said: “We have to be perfect” in the nuclear mission. … I think, perhaps, in the past 15 years we have lost track of the fact that readiness is a mission. Deterrence is a mission. And, the highest calling anyone wearing a military uniform has is not to fight our country’s wars, but to prevent those wars from starting.” (Offutt AFB, Neb., report by MSgt Ben Gonzales)