Operational Imperative 2: Operationally Focused ABMS

As the Air Force’s command and control enterprise starts the process of a massive transformation, the generals leading the charge have no doubt that the service will always need Airmen capable of making critical battle management decisions. The details of how these battle managers will transition ...
The Air Force has acquired, fielded, and started experimenting with more than a dozen kits of an advanced new command-and-control node, with hopes to get troops’ feedback before acquiring hundreds more, the service’s leading C2 officials said at the AFA Warfare Symposium. 
The U.S. took a significant step in modernizing its air defense recently when a new system, known as Cloud-Based Command and Control (CBC2), came online at one of the key centers monitoring the skies of North America. The Eastern Air Defense Sector, one of NORAD’s ...


July 28, 2023
A collection of quotes on airpower, spacepower, and national security issues.
It’s impossible to overstate how central a role space plays in this whole conversation, whether you’re talking about the sensors, whether you’re talking about comms, space is going to play an extended role.