Canadian “Co-manners” Deploy with AWACS

According to a USAF expeditionary unit news feature about one Canadian Forces officer, Capt. Chris Horner, Canadian airmen have deployed to Southwest Asia to participate in combat operations along with US airmen of the 552nd Air Control Wing, which operates E-3 AWACS battle management aircraft. There are some 50 Canadian Forces members currently serving at Tinker AFB, Okla., home to the 552nd ACW, in what the CF terms co-manning positions under a NORAD agreement. Horner has been deployed with the 552nd ACW’s 965th Expeditionary Airborne Air Control Squadron as a senior director on the E-3 mission crew. “Whether it’s combat training sorties or real sorties … we fill the same billet as a USAF officer,” said Horner, adding that the CF airmen “bring to the fight possibly a little bit more experience than some of the junior lieutenants and junior captains the USAF provides.” (380th Air Expeditionary Wing report by MSgt. Scott Sturkol)