Campbell: Airstrike Was American Decision

In the wake of a US airstrike in Afghanistan on Saturday that devastated a Doctors Without Borders hospital, killing 22 people, the commander of US forces in Afghanistan told Congress he has ordered “the entire force to undergo in-depth training in order to review all of our operational authorities and rules of engagement.” Gen. John Campbell told the Senate Armed Services Committee that while the close air support mission was flown at the request of Afghan forces, “the decision to provide aerial fires was a US decision, made within the US chain of command.” Campbell said the US would “never intentionally target a protected medical facility,” adding that “no military in history has done more to avoid harming innocents.” Defense Secretary Ash Carter also released a written statement about the attack, saying the Pentagon will finish its investigation as soon as possible, and that DOD is cooperating with NATO and Afghan investigations as well. “The US military takes the greatest care in our operations to prevent the loss of innocent life, and when we make mistakes, we own up to them. That’s exactly what we’re doing right now,” Carter said.