C-5s Deliver Apaches to Germany

Two Air Force C-5s on Wednesday delivered four US Army AH-64 Apaches to Europe as part of the US build up on that continent, with more airlifts of helicopters expected. The airlifters delivered the Apaches from Fort Bliss, Texas, to Ramstein AB, Germany, as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, US European Command announced. Air Force Col. Patrick Ryder told reporters Wednesday that the delivery shows the rapid capability of the service to move required equipment abroad, and provide continued reassurance to European allies. Next week, Air Force C-5s are expected to deliver Army UH-60 Blackhawks to Riga, Latvia, from Fort Drum, N.Y. “The speed of the CAB [Combat Aviation Brigade’s] arrival ensures we have additional combat firepower and support if needed at the time and place of our choosing,” US Army Col. Todd Bertulis, EUCOM deputy director of logistics, said in a release. “Through the Air Force’s rapid and global strategic reach, we have the ability to reinforce our rotary assets in hours.”