C-5 Galaxy Goes on Display at the AMC Museum

A C-5 Galaxy—serial number 69-0014—went on display Nov. 9 at the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Del., becoming the first C-5 to be retired to a museum, reported the Cape Gazette. The aircraft was transferred from the Tennessee Air National Guard’s 164th Airlift Wing, though it was assigned to Dover from 1973 to 1977, states the article. In 1974, the same aircraft dropped a live LGM-30 Minuteman missile as part of a series of tests intended to get the Soviets attention. That missile also went on display at the AMC Museum in late January. Museum director Michael Leister told the Daily Report the aircraft arrived at Dover in August and moved to the museum in October. It will be the only C-5 that will be on exhibit for the next 10 years, Leister noted.