C-130J Simulator Dedicated at Dyess

The 317th Airlift Group this week dedicated a C-130J simulator making Dyess AFB, Texas, the first USAF installation with a Vital-10 technology-powered C-130J simulator. “One great aspect about the simulator is that we can alter the location, weather, variables, altitude, and threats on the spot,” said Maj. Seth Schwesinger, 317th Operations Support Squadron chief of group training. “It gives us the flexibility to pause at a certain point to provide instruction, rewind the scenario, and try it again. We also have the ability to compound elements into a training scenario in a safe environment that mimics the aircraft.” The simulator, which boasts advanced visual displays, higher resolution, and more memory, will cost some $850 per hour to operate, a savings of $1,500 compared to the estimated $2,300 per hour cost of flying the actual aircraft, states a base release. That equates to $3 million annually, plus an additional $400,000 annual savings in personnel and travel costs.