Breathing Room

Demolition has begun on about a dozen homes, some dilapidated and abandoned?, in an area near Robins AFB, Ga., to resolve an encroachment issue, reported The Telegraph of Macon. The state bought the land on which these homes are located and is clearing the properties in order to prevent people from being too close to the base and more vulnerable to aircraft mishaps and exposed to excessive noise, states the July 3 report. This work is slated for completion in August. “They are going to be vacant lots, and we are going to hold them so that no one else can move in,” said Daniel Brown, business operations specialist with the Georgia Natural Resources Department, which is overseeing the project. Efforts are also underway to clear additional properties in this area, some of which also have structures on them. “We are very thankful [state officials] are on the tail end of resolving the encroachment issue at Robins,” said Chrissy Miner, operations chief for the 21st Century Partnership, which aims to protect the base from another round of Defense Department-wide installation closures.