Boeing Slams South Korea One Last Time

Boeing delivered the final two F-15K Slam Eagles to the South Korean air force, completing its work in supplying 61 F-15Ks to the US ally, announced the company Tuesday. The F-15Ks arrived Monday at Daegu Air Base, said company officials. “Boeing is proud to have worked with the [South Korean air force] to ensure that their F-15Ks included all the capability and power necessary to defend their homeland through 2040 and beyond,” said Roger Besancenez, the company’s F-15 program vice president. Boeing said it supplied all of the F-15Ks on cost and on schedule. Boeing delivered the first two F-15Ks ordered under an initial 40-aircraft contract to Seoul in October 2005. The company completed that order in October 2008. South Korea then purchased 21 additional F-15Ks under a follow-on contract.