Boeing Plants Defense Flag in Virginia

Boeing is moving the headquarters of its Defense, Space, and Security unit from St. Louis, Mo., to Arlington, Va., starting in January, a company spokesman confirmed, but the move will only affect about 50 people, and not all at once. “We are doing this to deepen our personal engagements with customers and decision makers in the Pentagon, NASA, on [Capitol] Hill, and in the Administration,” the spokesman said. Though the headquarters will change, only 12 people initially, including BDSS chief executive officer Leanne Caret, will make the move, and up to 50 total will shift from St. Louis “over time,” he said. The incoming staff will work out of Boeing’s Crystal City office complex. “There are no other changes to our St. Louis activities,” and there will continue to be about 14,000 Boeing employees in that area, “working the programs they’re working today,” the spokesman added. Program leaders will remain in St. Louis, as will some high-profile execs, like Phantom Works chief Darryl Davis.