Blue’s Share of the Stimulus Pie

The Air Force will receive about $1.7 billion in defense-related appropriations through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that will fund such projects as high-priority maintenance and repair of USAF facilities, construction of new dormitories and child development centers, and advancement of renewable-energy initiatives. That $1.7 billion is part of the $7.4 billion that the Defense Department is receiving under the $787 billion ARRA. According to Air Force Civil Engineer Maj. Gen. Del Eulberg, ARRA funding will enable more than 1,500 maintenance and repair projects valued at $1.1 billion. There will also be $260 million for Air Force military construction and housing, $100 million for four dorms, $80 million for seven CDCs, and $80 million for two military family housing projects. Additionally, Air Force engineers will construct four energy conservation investment program projects using $17 million provided to DOD. And, ARRA funds will support fuel-cell, wind, and solar research. Air Force Secretary Michael Donley mentioned figures in the same ballpark during AFA’s Air Warfare Symposium in Orlando, Fla., last month. (For more information, go to DOD’s Recovery Act Web site.) (Air Force report by TSgt. Amaani Lyle)