Battling Midwest Floods

Thousands of Air and Army National Guardsmen from Midwest states deployed across the states in the past two weeks to help local residents fight raging flood waters and to deliver food and supplies. Airmen of the Iowa ANG’s 185th Air Refueling Wing worked with Sioux City area farmers to shore up 20 miles of levees as the Mississippi River surged 23 feet over flood levels, endangering crops and homes. Some 4,000 Air Guard and Army Guard personnel throughout the state have been helping to reinforce levees and conduct security and deliver supplies, not to mention providing aerial reconnaissance. In Illinois, more than 500 Air and Army Guardsmen joined local residents early to help battle the flood waters, with another 400 slated for action. The same story can be told of Guardsmen in Indiana, Missouri, and Wisconsin, with many airmen and soldiers crossing state lines to lend their backs and expertise. (Individual reports by SSgt. Patrick Brown and Donna Miles and a combined report by SSgt. Justine Goeden, Sgt. Kimberly Calkins, and Spc. William Henry)