Barksdale B-52s Rotate to Guam

A group of B-52 bombers, aircrews, and maintainers left Barksdale AFB, La., for Guam, as part of a normal rotation of bombers to Andersen Air Force Base, announced Barksdale officials. The first B-52s departed Barksdale on Aug. 26, according to the base’s release. This contingent, designated the 20th Expeditionary Bomb Squadron while on the island, will remain at Andersen for up to six months. It replaced the 23rd EBS that rotated to Guam from Minot AFB, N.D., at the end of March. The Air Force maintains a continuous bomber presence on Guam to provide stability and dissuade aggression in the Asia-Pacific region. “Our main mission is to deter and assure,” said Capt. Michael Lopez, one of the Barksdale B-52 pilots. While at Andersen, the Barksdale airmen and their machines will participate in joint and coalition training exercises. (Barksdale report by SSgt. Katherine Holt)