Back to Cyberspace

Defense officials are exploring the realm of cyberspace much like past aviators explored the possibilities of flight a century ago, said Gen. Stephen Lorenz, Air Education and Training Command head. Speaking at AFA’s Air & Space Convention, Lorenz said: “Cyberspace is so exciting. I think it’s 1910. We know the principles. It’s just literally moving forward in the 21st century.” In conjunction with Air Force Space Command, AETC has come up several new courses on cyberspace training. Officers can now attend a 23-week course called Undergraduate Cyberspace Training, while enlisted airmen now receive their commercial certification upon completion of their initial enlisted skills training, which means they are mission-ready as soon as they arrive at their new duty station, Lorenz said. Other courses, such as Cyberspace 200—a three-week operational course for mid-career officers—and Cyberspace 300—a two-week strategic course for senior officers—were dubbed a “smashing success.”