Back on Star Status

Corrosion control specialists in early May stripped, repaired, and repainted a T-33 Shooting Star trainer on display at Laughlin AFB, Tex., honoring the base’s flight training heritage. “The aircraft on display represent the history and pride of what we have done here and accomplished through the years,” explained supervisor Helen McCracken of Laughlin’s 47th Maintenance Directorate in a May 16 base release. One month a year, the 47th MX reviews Laughlin’s 11 historic aircraft on display around the base, cleaning and repairing the airframes as needed. This year, the Shooting Star’s sun-baked and bird-spattered fuselage required a full primer and top coat, and a full set of new markings. “It’s a lot of work, and a big endeavor, but everyone who helps is proud to have played a part in making her shine again,” said 47th MX aircraft painter Juan Gonzalez. (Laughlin report by A1C Nathan Maysonet)