B-2s Deploy to Pacific

Three B-2s deployed to the Pacific area of operations from Whiteman AFB, Mo., on March 8, according to a press release. The bombers will train with ally and partner air forces, and will do a radio communications check with a US air operations ce?nter during the deployment. “These flights ensure we remain ready to deter strategic attack, now and into the future, and are one of the many ways the US demonstrates its commitment to security and stability across the globe,” said Adm. Cecil Haney, commander of US Strategic Command, in a written statement. Pacific Air Forces Commander Gen. Lori Robinson said strategic bomber deployments “ensure our ability to project power at a time and place of our choosing and develop strong interoperability with our regional allies and partners.” Recent events “demonstrate the continued need to provide consistent and credible air?power throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific region,” which is “vitally important,” Robinson added. (See also: Pacific Partnerships.)