Averting Convention City Overflight Violations

With the Democratic (Denver) and Republican (Minneapolis/St. Paul) national conventions almost here, the Continental US NORAD Region has been working with the Secret Service and FAA to reduce potential airspace violations. CONR has developed posters for public and private airports within 100 miles of each city, alerting aviators to FAA temporary restrictions that run from Aug. 25 to Sept. 4. Just in case, CONR will have fighter aircraft on alert near the two cities to respond to violators, escorting them away from the restricted airspace. As part of its Operation Noble Eagle airspace defense over the US, CONR provides fighters to cover special events like the Super Bowl and major league baseball playoffs, which attract large crowds. The conventions similarly attract large crowds and national leaders. Air National Guard Maj. Gen. Hank Morrow, 1st Air Force/CONR commander, said, “CONR serves as part of a layered defense that protects our national airspace every day, so these are core missions that we and our federal partners are undertaking to support our national conventions.” (1st AF report by Mike Strickler)