Astronaut Hall of Fame Inducts Chilton

Retired Gen. Kevin Chilton, former head of US Strategic Command, joined the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Astronaut Hall of Fame during its annual induction ceremony. Chilton became part of an elite company of 82 astronauts now in the hall of fame during the May 5 ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, according to Air Force officials. The hall recognized Chilton, a 1976 Air Force Academy graduate, for his work in the space shuttle program. He piloted the Space Shuttle Endeavor on its maiden voyage (STS-49) in May 1992; during the mission, he performed a space walk with two colleagues to repair a non-functioning satellite. Chilton also piloted a later Endeavor mission (STS-59) in April 1994 that conducted radar imaging to map parts of the world for climate research. He commanded the Space Shuttle Atlantis during his third mission (STS-76) in March 1996, during which the shuttle docked with the Russian Mir space station. Chilton retired from the Air Force in February 2011. (Colorado Springs report by Don Branum)