Armored for the Missile Fields

Security forces at Malmstrom AFB, Mont., received 76 new up-armored Humvees to provide these airmen with better protection as they secure the base’s ICBM fields and defend the base’s Minuteman III missiles during transport. Already some of the new vehicles are in use, according to Malmstrom’s Sept. 20 release. “The largest benefit these armored vehicles offer our airmen and defenders is the best protection from hostilities should anyone dare to try,” said TSgt. David Ellingson of Malmstrom’s 341st Security Support Squadron. The new Humvees incorporate heated floor mats to help keep riders warm during the winter, said Ellingson. Further, a remotely controllable turret design provides “better views for the gunner in the turret,” while an upgraded cooling system “will help against overheating,” he added. The squadron is working to bring all of these new vehicles to mission-ready status over the next few months, states the release. “We’ll be the first in Air Force Global Strike Command to have these assets fully operational,” said Ellingson. (Malmstrom report by A1C Cortney Paxton)