Another Strong Recruiting Year

Just as they did in Fiscal 2009, the Air Force active duty force and its reserve components met or exceeded their enlisted recruiting goals in Fiscal 2010, according to the Pentagon’s newly released year-end statistics. USAF’s active duty component brought in 28,493 accessions for the fiscal year, 133 more than its goal. The Air National Guard exceeded its objective by 553 accessions, attracting 6,983 new recruits. And the Air Force Reserve accepted 9,604 new recruits, 469 above its target. Compared to Fiscal 2009, the Air Force purposely lowered its recruiting objectives for Fiscal 2010 by nearly 5,600 across the three components. As for the Defense Department overall, the Army, Marine Corps, and Navy active duty components all met their goals. Among the reserve components, only the Army National Guard fell short, but this was intentional in order to stay within end strength constraints, according to DOD.