“An Impressive Operation”

That’s the view of Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.), co-chair of the House Air Force Caucus, after spending time with members of the Combined Air Power Transition Force, including its commanding general, Brig. Gen. Michael Boera, during Stearns’ visit to Afghanistan in late December. The CAPTF is charged with training the Afghan National Army Air Corps to be an independent and capable fighting force. While CAPTF doesn’t get the same public attention as other aspects of the US mission, it “deserves to be commended,” said Stearns Jan. 26 on the House floor. Already, with CAPTF assistance, the ANAAC has 46 aircraft and nearly 3,000 personnel as it grows towards a force of 150 aircraft and more than 8,000 personnel in 2016, he said. “It’s important to note,” Stearns added, that “Afghan airmen are in the fight now even as we help them build capacity and capability.” (Stearns speech)