A New Way to Wash

Air Mobility Command has begun using the EcoPower Engine Wash System to clean aircraft engines, a move that officials say is better for both the aircraft and the environment. The system uses atomized water, collects the runoff, and purifies it for recycled use. “C-17 engines washed using the EcoPower Engine Wash System have shown measurable improvements in fuel efficiency and cooler operating temperatures,” said MSgt. Richard Fults, AMC C-17 propulsion superintendent. He added that the “cooler exhaust gas temperatures also decrease heat stress,” enabling the engines to remain in service longer and require reduced maintenance. The system has been in use for the past year at Charleston AFB, S.C., where the base calls in EcoPower contractors to wash the four engines of each aircraft after it completes the twice-a-year home station check. Charleston mechanics say the process takes less time than traditional engine washing routines. (Charleston report by Trisha Gallaway)