Andrews Pilot Receives Distinguished Flying Cross

The Air Force awarded Maj. Michael Stock, an A-10 pilot, the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions during a December 2010 deployment to Afghanistan. Stock, who was attached to the 75th Fighter Squadron at Moody AFB, Ga., at the time, distinguished himself when he spotted enemy forces nearby while providing close air support for 75 embattled US and coalition forces, according to base officials. Enemy combatants ambushed the coalition forces with rocket propelled grenades and machine gun fire from multiple locations, sometimes as close as 30 meters away. Stock coordinated with the Joint Terminal Attack Controller for multiple strafe attacks and engaged the enemy from a low altitude, rendering himself more vulnerable to attack, states the Nov. 1 release. His actions saved the lives of 75 individuals, states the release. “We were just doing our jobs on that particular day, and there are many close air support aircrew downrange doing this work day in and day out, and for that I’m proud of them,” said Stock. Stock is currently a combat Air Force programmer for the Air National Guard Readiness Center at Andrews AFB, Md., where he was awarded the medal on Oct. 31. (Andrews report by MSgt. Marvin Preston)