And at Holloman, the F-22

With the F-117 Nighthawk barely off the tarmac, the airmen at Holloman AFB, N.M., are beginning the work to make way for the new F-22 Raptor. CMSgt. James Harris, chief of the 9th Aircraft Maintenance Unit, said one of the first steps “is phasing out tools used exclusively for the F-117,” the Air Force’s first stealth fighter, and “phasing in, getting our support section spun up with the F-22 equipment and tools.” The base also has a self-help project—the West Area Revitalization Team—working to make structural improvements, painting, replacing floors, repairing roofs, and more, that has “kept our folks employed and has actually helped the 49th Civil Engineering Squadron” with all the F-22 preparation work orders, said Maj. Bryan Bobeck, 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Maintenance Operations Officer. In between infrastructure work and equipment swap outs, the Holloman airmen will undergo training on their new aircraft, working with the existing F-22 force at Langley AFB, Va. (Holloman report by A1C Rachel Kocin)