AMC Redefines Itself

Air Mobility Command, headquartered at Scott AFB, Ill., last week updated its vision, mission, and focus areas. AMC’s revised vision is: “Unrivaled global reach for America . . . always.” The command’s mission is: “Provide global air mobility . . . right effects, right place, right time.” The command’s focus areas are: Win today’s fight as part of the joint/coalition forces; Develop and care for our airmen and families; Continue to strengthen nuclear mission support; Enhance mobility partnerships; and Sustain mobility forces today and prepare for tomorrow. “From relief operations in Haiti and Pakistan to combat support in Afghanistan, air mobility forces are making a positive difference globally in the lives of others by delivering hope, fueling the fight and saving lives,” states the command’s release. (See AMC brochure for additional details) (See also Daily Report archive entry on AMC’s previous mission statement)