Ali Base’s Future Discussed

US Air Force Maj. Gen. Robert Kane, director of the Iraqi Training and Advisory Mission-Air Force, and Lt. Gen. Anwar Hamad Amen Ahmed, Iraqi Air Force commander, visited Ali Base, Iraq, on Sept. 24 to conduct a site survey of the airfield and facilities there, including ongoing construction projects like the new air traffic control tower. According to Air Forces Central, this was the first joint visit by these officials and marked a significant step in providing Iraqi Air Force representatives with a better understanding of what assets will be available during the draw down of US forces there and transition to Iraqi control. Currently USAF’s 407th Air Expeditionary Group runs the base. “We are working together to ensure the base is transferred smoothly to the Iraqi Air Force according to the security agreement,” said Anwar. (Ali Base report by 1st Lt. Korry Leverett)