Airmen, Soldiers Join Forces to keep Manas Secure

MSgt. Brian Nicoletti, the noncommissioned officer in charge of midshift security at the access point at the Transit Center at Manas, Kyrgyzstan, prevented a shortfall in base security personnel by teaming with an Army NCO, according to a Manas release. At the installation, Air Force security forces are responsible for the “main gate, entry control points, pass and registration” and for guarding the base from petty theft to major crimes, said Nicoletti, a member of the 376th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, in the July 5 release. However, manpower began to dwindle due to forward missions and job reassignments. So Nicoletti approached Army 1st Sgt. Thomas Stribling, NCO in charge of the 304th Military Police Battalion’s Det. 5, proposing that Stribling send some soldiers to help when the pool of airmen was thin at night. “We ran it through [both commands],” said Nicoletti. “They thought it was an outstanding idea.” As a result, he said he’s “able to tell the commanders there is no problem with security; everybody is able to sleep safely at night.” (Manas report by SSgt. Robert Barnett)