Airmen Salvage Parts from Crippled C-130J

Airmen belonging to an Aircraft Battle Damage Repair unit in Afghanistan recently salvaged more than $20 million in parts and equipment from a crippled C-130J, according to service release. The aircraft made a hard landing at Forward Operating Base Shank in the late spring, suffering damage beyond repair, states the release. “It was so damaged that we couldn’t save it and get it flying again,” said MSgt. Thomas Hartley, ABDR team chief with the 379th Expeditionary Maintenance Squadron, a unit that operates at an undisclosed air base in Southwest Asia. “So, we assisted in the salvage operations,”? he said. In all, the team recovered some 250 components, including engines, propellers, avionics equipment, and other electrical items, states the Sept. 25 release. “We were able to get it all boxed up and shipped home, effectively saving the Air Force millions of dollars,” said Hartley. The salvage operation was not without danger as it took place in the face of periodic insurgent mortar attacks on Shank. (379th AEW report by SSgt. Benjamin Stratton) (See also Shank report by SSgt. Torri Ingalsbe)