Air Forces Africa Leader Visits Uganda

Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward, commander of 17th Air Force (Air Forces Africa), led a US delegation to Uganda for discussions with Ugandan defense officials on deepening cooperation with the US military. “Uganda is one of our key partners in Africa and has established itself as a regional leader with its work to resolve conflicts and counter violent extremism,” she said. Uganda is supporting African Union peacekeeping efforts in places like Somalia, and Ugandan forces remain engaged against the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army. “It’s essential that we support them in this effort so they can bring this long-term battle to a conclusion,” said Woodward. The Ugandans would like to build their capacity to conduct forward operations. “Air is a key component of expeditionary capability, so this is an area where we can make an impact,” she said during the mid December visit. She said the Air Force also is “excited” to help the Ugandan air force develop its officer corps and establish a squadron officer school. (Entebbe report by MSgt. Jim Fisher)