Air Force Reserve Leaders Gather to Honor a Comrade

Six former heads of the Air Force Reserve gathered with current Reserve Chief Lt. Gen. Charles Stenner earlier this month at March ARB, Calif., to honor retired Maj. Gen. Sloan Gill who died in August at age 81. Sloan was AFR chief from November 1982 to October 1986. This was the largest gathering of present and former AFR leaders in the history of this reserve component, according to AFR officials. Joining Stenner were (all retired): Lt. Gen. John Bradley (who led AFR from June 2004 to June 2008); Lt. Gen. James Sherrard (September 1998 to June 2004); Maj. Gen. Homer Lewis (March 1972 to April 1975); Maj. Gen. William Lyon (April 1975 to April 1979); Maj. Gen. Robert McIntosh (November 1994 to June 1998); and Maj. Gen. Roger Scheer (November 1986 to October 1990). Stenner gave the eulogy at the memorial service, which was held in March’s cultural resource center. (March report by MSgt. Linda Welz)