Air Force 101 for Spouses

Suzie Schwartz, wife of Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz, and Paula Roy, wife of CMSAF James Roy, have created a “spouse battle book” called Air Force 101: A Back-to-Basics Guide for Air Force Spouses, announced service officials Aug 7. The two ladies want the document to serve as “a one-stop resource on the basics of life in the Air Force,” according to the guide’s introduction. The guide is designed to familiarize military spouses with the Air Force’s mission, organizational and rank structure, and traditions. It also covers a broad range of issues like spouse employment and dealing with deployment. “We hope this guide better equips you to take an active role in helping our dynamic community be more successful and informed,” wrote the two ladies in the introduction. (Air Force 101 full document; caution, large-sized file.)