Airey Honored at Andrews

Airmen past and present, including five former Chief Master Sergeants of the Air Force, gathered at JB Andrews, Md., on March 10 to dedicate the street and new house where the current CMSAF resides in honor of Paul Airey, first CMSAF, who died March 11, 2009. “It’s fitting that we dedicate this beautiful home to Chief Airey,” said Lt. Gen. William Shelton, assistant vice chief of staff. He added, “He was a pioneer, a tireless champion of our Air Force.” The residence, now called Airey House, contains items from former CMSAFs that now serve as historical artifacts. CMSAF James Roy said: “From this day forward, when airmen come to these quarters, they will see a snapshot of our enlisted heritage and one of our greatest enlisted leaders.” Airey’s son, retired CMSgt. Dale Airey, thanked everyone on behalf of the Airey family. (Andrews report by Chelsea Gitzen)